Is the Lucas County Veterans Service Commission part of the Veterans Administration?

No. The Veterans Service Commission is a Lucas County Department / Agency totally funded by Lucas County. While certain members of the VSC staff (Veteran Service Officers) file claims to the VA on behalf of veterans and veterans’ families and request certified copies of veterans’ Military records, they are not VA employees.

What types of services are available?

There are two primary types of services available at the VSC.   In addition to filing claims and requesting Military records for veterans, Temporary Financial Assistance is available to those Honorably Discharged veterans who are residents of Lucas County, who qualify, and who provide the documents to the VSC staff that are required by Ohio State Statute.   Examples of assistance are: Food Vouchers; Rent, Mortgage, Utility; Medical Prescription Funds; Transportation to VA Medical Facilities.

How does a veteran or a veteran’s family access the services of the Veterans Service Commission?

The veteran or veteran’s family should call the VSC Office (419) 213-6090 and tell the VSC staff member what their need is (i.e., Financial Assistance or VA Claim). Then, they need to accurately and clearly respond to the questions asked by the VSC staff member. If a Service Officer or Financial Assistance Investigator is available, the caller will be transferred to them. Otherwise, the information provided by the veteran or veteran’s family will be given to the next available Service Officer or Investigator, who will return the call.

A veteran could walk in for assistance. But, all staff members may be engaged in assisting other veterans. An initial call in is the best option.

How often does the VSC Board meet?

VSC Commissioners board meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 9:30 am at the LCSVC Conference Room at 2595 Arlington Ave